Observations on the dissection of an exiled fae

When dissecting something as dangerous as the Gentry, I have found that the proper equipment is not only useful, but essential.

Scalpels and forceps can be sourced from the mortal world, for example, and iron blades can be crafted with difficulty (to break through the oddly-tough skin of the Fae), but did you know a simple pair of earplugs can save your life?

I was certainly grateful for my pair when the initial incision into the deceased Fae's chest cavity produced a lyrical assemblage of notes, seemingly sung by a lark, that left a shoulder bruised and my nose bleeding- If I had been able to hear the music more clearly, the effect would have certainly been more pronounced.

Another item that I will be acquiring is a beekeepers uniform- the head of the Fae did not contain a brain, but instead a wasp's nest with angry insects that chased me about my Hollow!

One thing to remember is that you never know what collection of internal organs you will find- the Gentry do not seem to require the various biological mechanisms that keep us alive, but instead appear to mimic them in odd patterns that make only symbolic sense at best.

A pair of lungs being old-fashioned bellows seems to make sense, perhaps, but what are we to make of a heart that appears to be a single large robin's egg? Veins and arteries connected this egg to the rest of the body, and a dim light seeped from it- a light that I can still observe as it glows faintly, preserved within a jar.

Interestingly, the creature's stomach resembled in all respects that of a mortal human- save that the only thing it contained was a common wristwatch, apparently swallowed by the creature in the manner of a shark.

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to keep Fae specimens- although odd effect may mar the corpse, usually a remnant will remain. I have found the best solution for suspension has been the strongest Irish whisky available, although I will keep searching for other, clearer solutions.

In conclusion, I will reiterate my firm belief that, although there is danger in the process, a Changeling who remains clear-eyed about the risk can learn many useful things about our most-hated foes- and is that not what a member of the Autumn Court would desire above all else?

Later, I will inform my readers of the symbolic patterns that arise in both the mortal world and the Hedge when a True Fae is present, so be in the lookout for that.

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