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New Site from a Friend

A friend of mine has started her own website - click here

If you're interested in magic and this game called MapleStory, she is updating it when she can. Her recent post about dissecting an exiled fae is pretty interesting!


I have never really used this kind of thing before and am having some trouble learning this new language of "HTML" and "CSS" but I am enjoying it. I am not one for technology, but I could see myself using this more. There are certainly many people on this "internet". I suspect some kind of strange magic or pact allowed this to enter the world. It seems too abstract for mankind to have stumbled upon it.

If you want to contact me to ask about anything, my Yahoo Chat screen name is doggy_dog.

Since I was a kid I always thought movies were really cool. Especially the detective ones. I liked watching the French ones but I didn't understand anything because I couldn't read quickly enough at that age. With these DVDs that you can buy, I might finally get around to doing that. When I was a teenager, I worked in a movie theater as a projectionist apprentice/helper for a couple years. It was cool because I could sneak girls in to watch movies for free. The owner let me do it, but I made the girls think we were doing something not allowed, which got them worked up!!!

This is a list of my most FAVORITE and CHERISHED movies from my childhood and young adulthood:

Now for the WORST movies I've seen!!:

Life after the hedge

If anyone needs some help or support, I can put you in contact with the right people. Especialy if you're angry about what happened to you.

Here are some tips I picked up along the way

Don't be afraid to ask for help. We bicker and fight amongst ourselves, but at the end of the day, we don't have anywhere else we can run to.

In Memoriam

I miss you two. Your smiles most of all. We will meet again.